Ted Oakley has developed his knowledge through over more than three decades of assisting former business owners as they take steps to reach the next level in their life. These books are a guide for that next level.


Navigating confidently through the first critical year after selling your business, “Crazy Time” addresses each of the areas where the partners at Oxbow Advisors have seen newly liquid business owners face trouble.


The follow up to “Crazy Time” details the “Danger Time” that business owners face in the second and third years following a sale.  It warns investors of the dangers posed by overconfidence and ego.

“$20 Million and Broke” explains why and how the most accomplished entrepreneurs, business owners, celebrities and those who inherit or win great fortunes often fall prey to their own flaws, foibles and failures.

Rich Kids Broke Kids Ted Oakley Oxbow Advisors

“Rich Kids, Broke Kids – The Failure of Traditional Estate Planning”, is a family’s guide to raising children who can comfortably and capably handle the responsibilities and privileges of inherited wealth.


“You Sold Your Company” offers incisive and a sometimes surprising analysis of the emotional impact of selling a company – and the life changes that usually come with it.


In Wall Street Lies, Ted Oakley, Pat Swanson and Trey Crain deliver the message that we all know to be true: Wall Street firms have their best interest in mind and, unfortunately, not yours.

From the more than three decades of assisting former business owners, Ted explains the 10 things he has found to be the most important after selling your business.