Our People

We’re Not Wall Street.

Every single investment group that calls on you will have the same booklet, with the same people, the same pictures, and the same graphs.

All of them will sell you the latest and greatest investment product that will give you “the best” return. What they don’t tell you is they limit their offerings to what is best for their firm and themselves. Many of the incentives for Wall Street are based on volume and quantity instead of quality. How many times do you hear about a really conservative investment for a really low cost? They will have little or no patience for you needing some really, really safe and secure money. They don’t make any money from it, so they will never suggest it.

At Oxbow, we are not paid to sell you anything. As independent advisors, we have the ability to span the landscape of the best quality investments to fit your unique needs. We do not get caught up in the glitz and glam of the latest investment offerings. Better yet, we know how to hold onto money in good times and bad.

Our Investment Committee


J. Ted Oakley, CFA, CFP

Managing Partner
Ted Oakley, the founder of Oxbow Advisors and co-founder of its predecessor firm, HPO Advisors, has over thirty-five years of experience in the investment industry. The “Oxbow Principles” and the firm’s proprietary investment strategies were developed as a result of the unique perspective Ted gained throughout his almost four-decade tenure advising high net worth investors.

Pat H. Swanson, CFA, CIC

Partner, Director of Research | Senior Portfolio Manager
Pat began his investment career in 1984. Prior to joining Oxbow, Pat had been with King Investment Advisors, Inc. (“KING”) for twenty-one years. He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a B.S. in Economics and an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University. Pat was Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer for KING, as well as a member of the firm’s Investment Advisory Group. Pat is a member of the firm’s investment committee.

Chance Finucane, CFA

Partner Chief Investment Officer
Chance joined Oxbow in 2017 after spending six years on the investment team at Institutional Capital (ICAP), a global value investment firm based in Chicago. He is a graduate of Indiana University with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance and an M.B.A. in Accounting. Chance is a member of the firm’s investment committee.

Alexander W. Pierce III

Partner | Portfolio Manager & Analyst
Alexander W. “Rusty” Pierce began his career in the financial services industry in San Antonio, Texas, in 1980 after graduating from Southern Methodist University with a B.B.A. in Finance. He has broad experience in many areas of the industry, having served as a research analyst, portfolio manager, and compliance officer. Rusty joined Oxbow Advisors’ predecessor firm, HPO Advisors, in 2010. He serves on the investment committee and oversees all aspects of Oxbow’s San Antonio office.

Dana B. Croswhite, CFA, CIC

Partner | Portfolio Manager
Dana has twenty-nine years of experience in the investment industry. Before joining Oxbow, she had been with King Investment Advisors, Inc. (“KING”) seven years. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and holds a B.B.A. with a concentration in Finance. Prior to joining KING, Dana served as Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager for JPMorgan Chase Bank, managing $300 million in assets for high net worth Trust investment clients. Dana is a member of the firm’s investment committee.

Trey Crain

Partner | Portfolio Manager
Trey Crain received an Economics degree from Rice University and joined Oxbow Advisors in 2011 after previously working in Houston, Texas. Trey serves as a portfolio manager, investment advisor representative, and as a member of the firm’s investment committee.

Courtney Gibson Bechtol

Partner | Portfolio Manager
Courtney Gibson Bechtol joined Oxbow Advisors’ predecessor firm HPO Advisors shortly after earning a B.B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin. Courtney serves as a Portfolio Manager, and is a member of the firm’s investment committee. Additionally, Texas State Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Courtney to the Board of Trustees for the Texas Emergency Services Retirement System.

Robert Walsh

Senior Portfolio Manager
Bob Walsh, Director of Investment Strategy and Senior Portfolio Manager, has been in the investment business since 1965. With experience spanning almost five decades, Bob shares his unique investment acumen as a member of the firm’s investment committee. Bob graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.B.A. in Business Administration.

John B. Keys

Partner | Trading Operations
With over 25 years experience, John Keys leads the firm’s trading department. Utilizing his more than twenty years of industry experience, he takes great care to ensure that all trades are executed in the most efficient manner on behalf of Oxbow Advisors’ clients. John received a B.B.A. from Texas A&M University and serves as a member of the firm’s investment committee.
Brent Holt Oxbow Advisors

Brent Holt

Investment Advisor Representative
Brent’s expertise includes designing and implementing comprehensive financial plans, managing strategic investment portfolios, and integrating estate and philanthropic aspirations. His clients depend on him for customized advice, organization, and coordinating the expertise necessary to effectively accomplish their goals. Brent joined our firm in 2007 as an Investment Advisor Representative and is a graduate of Texas A&M University.

Our Professionals


Keys Oakley

Director of Business Development
Keys joined Oxbow Advisors in 2016 after 6 years of leading sales teams for two different contracting firms. Prior to that, Keys spent 10 years in the National Football League in Football Operations for the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins. Keys is a graduate of Colorado State University.

Barry Brauchi, CFP®

Director of Investor Relations
Barry is a graduate from Texas Tech University with a degree in Personal Financial Planning. Barry joined Oxbow Advisors in 2016 after 13 years as a financial adviser, portfolio manager, and research analyst. He is a Certified Financial Planner® since 2004 and uses his experience in financial planning, portfolio management, risk analysis, and financial modeling to help clients identify and reach their investment goals.

Kim Mathis-Doumis

Chief Compliance Officer
Kim Mathis-Doumis has been in the investment advisory business since 1989. She began her career in the Seattle, Washington area with an accounting background. She has served in many capacities throughout her career in the industry, including Chief Compliance Officer for an RIA firm. After moving from Seattle to Texas in 2011, she joined Oxbow Advisors. Kim has a graduate certificate in Financial Planning, is a registered investment advisor representative, and has been an active member of the Financial Planning Association for more than a decade. Kim serves as Oxbow’s Chief Compliance Officer.

Linda Lehman

Vice President | Portfolio Management Systems
Linda Lehman spearheads the firm’s portfolio management system department and maintains the data for our GIPS Compliance reporting. Linda joined Oxbow Advisors’ predecessor firm, HPO Advisors, in 2003. Linda has been in the industry since 2001 and is a registered investment advisor representative. Linda received her B.B.A. in Finance from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Leah Riccitelli

Vice President | Portfolio Administration Systems
Leah Riccitelli joined Oxbow Advisors in 2013. She received her B.B.A. from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi in 2011. Leah serves as an administrator for our portfolio management system.

Mary McComb

Vice President | Client Relations and Portfolio Administration
Mary McComb began her career in the financial services industry in 1982 and joined Oxbow Advisors’ predecessor firm, HPO Advisors, in 2010. Utilizing her experience in retail banking, securities brokerage, and portfolio management, Mary oversees account operations, portfolio administration, account management, and client service in Oxbow’s Austin and San Antonio, Texas offices. She graduated from Stephen F. Austin University.

Lane Wimberly

Vice President, Technology and Operations, Trader
Lane joined Oxbow Advisors, LLC in April 2015 after being a member of King Investment Advisors since 1998. His current role as Trader complements his function as Technology and Operations specialist for the Oxbow-Houston office. While at KING, Lane assisted the investment team with research, analytical support, client reporting, and trading. He supervised performance monitoring firm-wide. He also managed the information technology systems and provided marketing support by maintaining the firm’s website. Prior to joining KING, Lane was a research assistant for a real estate appraisal firm. Lane attended the University of Houston. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

Juanita Goff

Portfolio Administrator
Juanita Goff joined Oxbow Advisors in 2014. Juanita has over 14 years of experience in the banking industry and serves as a portfolio administrator.

Alysia Serres

Assistant Vice President | Senior Performance Analyst, Client Services Specialist
Alysia joined Oxbow Advisors, LLC in April 2015 after being a member of King Investment Advisors since 2007. She is Senior Performance Analyst for the firm in addition to her role as Client Services Specialist. Prior to joining KING she worked for Blockbuster for six years as store manager and customer service representative

Rosa Oechslin

Client Services Specialist
Rosa joined Oxbow Advisors, LLC in April 2015 after previously being a member of King Investment Advisors as Client Accounting Representative. Prior to joining KING, she was employed by several Houston corporations as an Accounts Payable Specialist and client service representative. Rosa attended the University of Houston and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Roger E. King, CFA, CIC

Emeritus of Counsel
Roger has over forty years of experience in investment management. Before joining Oxbow, Roger had been with King Investment Advisors, Inc. (“KING”) thirty-four years and served as its President and Chairman since 1986. He has a B.A. in Business Administration from Lipscomb University, an M.A. in Political Science from Middle Tennessee State University, and was a National Science Fellow at Cornell University.